The temperature plays a fundamental role in the proper use and sizing of the chains.
We can classify the various uses of temperature as follows:

- More 250 ° C: We recommend the use of steel chains and lubricants for high temperatures.
- 150 ° C to 250 ° C , we recommend dimensioning the chains with appropriate safety factors related to the lowering of the hardness of the classic treatments of cementation .
Use this arc temperature lubricants and promoting the use of chains with long ilpiù step possible.
- 10 ° C to 150 ° C : use special lubricants for the temperature of use.
- 10 ° C to -30 ° C : below zero chains undergo a rapid decay of the mechanical properties . Properly size and use lubricants antifreeze .
- 30 ° C to -50 ° C : Do not use chains of carbon steel , they could seize , snapping to embrittlement in a short . Then use special stainless steels and special lubricants .