The Company

The company herewith was founded by Vittorio Fossati at the end of World War I, concentrating the activities in the industrial sector of small and medium chains.

In 1980 after several generations, his nephew, engineer Roberto Saini joins the company, and provides it with new specialization techniques in the production of transport chains in general, and particularly in transportation and accumulation.

The company's main force is based on internal projection, as well as the complete realization of various tools and equipment for production tale off of special design chains.

Within the years it has become a supplier for primary companies, paying particular attention to its clients' problems.

At present, the market in which the company is focused on is formed of national and international companies operating in the following sectors: automobile, handling, automation, hoisting, bottling, electrical household goods, window and doorframe automatic opening fixtures.

The company's primary goal is to become the "customer's partner" by working together and by trying to find together new solutions to specific needs imposed by the market.

Each one of our chains is availed by the EVEREST brand.

All manufacturing activities are carried out in our factory and examined in accordance with specific procedures, as observed in its QUALITY CONTROL manual.

The company has been certified for many years and in March 2003 official certification was granted by the ISO 9001:2000 - VISION 2000 Norm.