( waived only by written agreement )

Terms of delivery - are approximate and delays do not give the right to cancel the order , reduce the contract or to claim damages of any nature. In the case of delivery are always demanding they be derogated for reasons of force majeure. Near the end of the delivery , provided , after three days of notice of readiness for shipment material may be invoiced even if not yet withdrawn from the customer. From the date of invoice will commence , however, the terms of payment. For technological reasons or production number of pieces delivered or billed may vary by + / - 2 % compared to what was ordered and then within these limits will not accept claims .

In the event that the Customer is not in compliance with the payments relating to other supplies the running of time is suspended and the Supplier may delay delivery until the Customer has paid the sums due.

Terms of payment - Payments will be considered valid only if made directly to the headquarters of the seller or a person with a written proxy. On late payments will start from the day of the deadline, without the need for the formal notice default interest at the rate in force at the National Institutes of credit , but not less than " prime rate " banking increased by 3 points. No objection may be raised by the purchaser by way of action or exception if after payment of overdue debts ( price , interest, VAT and any other accessory).

Transport - The goods always travel at the risk of the buyer even if sold carriage .

Complaints - In any case, claims must , on pain of forfeiture, to be presented to us in writing within 8 days of arrival of goods at destination , without a developer can invoke the notwithstanding any failure to examine the goods , or failure to Position of the material.

Warranty - Our warranty, if any proper functioning of our products is understood to be in the sense that we undertake to repair or replace free of charge , as soon as possible, those parts which may fail due to faulty design or defective materials during the period of guarantee , without giving any right to compensation for any damages or other expenses. For products that prove to be repaired in our laboratory are charged to the customer the cost of transport . For any site inspections of our specialized personnel in relation to the above , it remains at our expense the cost of labor , but they must come reimbursed the costs of accommodation, meals and transportation.

Disputes - Our contracts , even if entered into with citizens and foreign companies or if they relate to materials to be supplied abroad are governed by Italian law. Jurisdiction for any dispute will be the Court of Monza with the exclusion of the possibility for the customer to claim before another court , even the consequence of guarantee or the connection of cause . It saves us the right to sue the buyer even before a court or other competent authority in Italy and abroad. Any disputes do not exempt the customer from the exact observation of the agreed terms of payment.